Investing your hard earned money in shares or mutual funds might pose a risk, given the volatility of the market, governed by global politics and other factors. While there is no doubt that certain individuals, like Mr. Warren Buffet, have earned billions of Dollars through this method, their success was primarily due to their knowledge earned through years of experience. If you do want to invest your money so that it provides you with a good return on investment over the years, your best option is to buy gold. No doubt, you can invest in other precious metals too, but, based on history, this yellow metal has always provided the best ROI. If you study the increase in value of this metal over the past few years, you will find that, apart from a couple of depreciation, it has always appreciated in the long run. Therefore, it makes sense to buy gold as a long term investment. 

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Other options

If gold is not your cup of tea, you might try dabbling in antiques. They too provide a handsome return, but you need to be cautious about whom you purchase it from. You might not be aware but you might have many antiques in your home. The chair inherited from your great grandfather can fetch you a high value, provided it is in good condition. It is time for you to search your attic for them and other items. You will be surprised to know that outdated currency notes which are no longer in circulation and which were printed several decades ago can fetch you several times their face value in the antique market. It is the same with old 78 RPM records, especially those containing tracks from reputable singers and music brands. Remember, the value of these antiques will keep on appreciating. Therefore, if you have spare money, you can invest in them.

Online or not

A word of caution... always purchase your requirements from reputable antique dealers who have physical stores rather than purchasing them from online stores such as eBay. The owners of such stores will advise you details about these items and the number of pieces that are in circulation. This holds true for rare stamps, Oriental carpets, old watches clocks, antique jewellery, and much more. These dealers also provide you with a rough estimate about the appreciation value of these items and how you should store them to prevent them from being damaged. The same rule applies if you want to dispose off your antiques. Selling them in stores that deal in antiques will fetch you a better price. However, you should visit several dealers and compare the price of any antique item that you want to purchase or sell. Chances are that one dealer might offer you a better deal than the others might. You might be amazed to know that an extremely antique piece of silver jewellery can fetch you more money, than a gold bar of the same weight. You can buy gold as an investment instrument, but you should not overlook antiques too.